Sylhet Tourist Attractions: Must Visit Places in Sylhet

The city of Sylhet is affluent and blessed with lots of surprises and the natural beauty and attraction. God gifted her abundantly. Not only God-gifted beauty make the city attractive, a number of man-made objects played a vital role to beautify the city of Sylhet, often called the city of Shahjalal (RH). Several thousand of visitors keep the city at the peak of their choice. All the year round, this city welcomes thousands of travelers and meets their thirsts.

Thousand of visitors keep the city at the peak of their choice. All the year round, this city welcomes thousands of travelers and meets their thirsts. Sylhet is always ready to welcome you, too.

When you come to Sylhet, you should have enough time to have a cup of green tea and taste the dry fishes and Shatkora, and never miss any of the sights. Trust me, you’ll contrite later unless you do it.

Here, we present a handful of information regarding Sylhet and the other beautiful cities of Sylhet division. Let me walk you through all the Sylhet tourist attractions.

Sylhet tourist attractions

Sylhet is gifted with abundant natural beauty.

Sylhet City

Also known as the city of 360 pious, or the city of Shahjalal. This city is famous for tea, dry fish, and Shatkora. Visiting the holy shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal and Shah Paran (RH) is one of the main interest of the visitors. There are plenty of locations visitor never wish to miss.

Sylhet Tourist Attractions

These are: Jaflong, Bholaganj, Lalalhal, Hakaluki Haor, Keen Bridge, the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal and Shah Paran (RH), house of Sree Chaitanya Deb, Hason Raja Museum, Malnichara Tea Garden, M A G Osmani Airport, Parjatan Motel, Zakaria City, Dreamland Park, Clock of Ali Amjad, House of Zitu Mia, Manipuri Rajbari, Monipuri Museum, Shahi Eidgah, Osmani Shishu Park and so on.

Habiganj City

This city named after Sipah Salar Syed Nasiruddin who established by. This district contains a upazila named Baniachong, what is said to be the biggest village in Asia and later promoted as a upazila. Here is an abridged list of most attractive tourist places you’ll never miss.

Attractive Places of Habiganj

Bithngl Akhra, a relic of the antique palace, the holy shrine of Crusader Shah Syed Nasir Uddin, Sagardighi, Nagura Farm, Sathchory Reserve Forest, Kalenga Reserve Forest, Fruits Valley, and several tea gardens throughout Habiganj.

Moulvibazar City

Moulvibazar is named after Hazrat Syed Maulvi Qudratullah Munsef, the descendant of Hazrat Syed Shah Mustafa ‘Sher-E-Sowar’ Chabukmar Baghdadi, an Islamic preacher active during the advent of Islam in the region. Have a look on the attractive places Moulvibazar offers.

Attractive places of Moulvibazar

Various tea gardens, Madhabkunda, Madhabkunda Eco Park, Holy Shrine of Shah Mustafa (RH) and Monument of Martyr Sipahi Hamidur Rahman and so on.

Sunamganj City

This city is branded as the city of Hason Raza. Hason Raza was a Bengali poet, mystic philosopher, and songwriter. You’ll be welcomed with the giant setara at the mouth of the town when you reach the town.

Attractive places of Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor, Hason Raza Museum, Himadree in Tahirpur upazila, known as the Kashmir of Bangladesh, Martyrs Tombs of Dolura, Tekerghat White Stone, Baghbari Tilla, Sukhaier Kalibari Temple, Kahala Kalibari, Moheshkhola Kalibari, a relic of the antique house of Raza Bijoya Sing and so on.

All these spots make Sylhet a popular tourist destination for thousands of Ibn Battuta around the globe.

If you visit Sylhet, don’t miss any of these Sylhet tourist attractions.

Have a nice time in Sylhet!

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