Top 10 English Medium Schools in Dhaka

Nothing more important than education, we all know that.

One of the most important reasons why families choose perfect education centers for their offspring is English medium schools are seen to provide the best education and taught students under British curriculum. Which is why choosing the best school is as almost securing a good career for a child.

If you are looking for the top 10 English medium schools in Dhaka, you are in the right place. Let’s know about some English Medium Schools in Dhaka which are best of best for their great results and recognized by Oxford, Cambridge University, and International Baccalaureate Organization.

The Aga Khan School

A combination of best education and sports and social activity is this school’s prime objectives. A combination of knowledge and the essential wisdom needed to balance their lives and attain the highest fulfillment, the main concern by the schools. No wonder why this school is considered being the best amongst all the English medium school in Dhaka.

The Aga Khan School start their journey in 1988 in a short space, now they have one of the most spacious campuses in Dhaka.

International School Dhaka (ISD)

International School Dhaka (ISD) built in Basundhara with 5.5 acres of land. This school takes students aged 2- 19 to secure education from Playgroup to Grade 12. This school has facilities for both local and foreign students in the school. Run by the top-ranked teacher from all over the world it’s one of the best English medium school in Bangladesh. This school also recognized by Bangladesh ministry and several online communities especially the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Pledge Harbor School and Sports Academy

Pledge Harbor School and Sports Academy is one of the largest boarding English medium school in Bangladesh.  Maintain international curriculum their facilities for sports and other education is praiseworthy.  Their mission for student’s “’The mission of PHIS is to challenge and enable students to reach their individual potential in mind, body, and spirit while building responsible global citizens’.”


Scholastica one of the oldest English medium school in Bangladesh started their journey since early 1977. Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed is the founder of this school. This school has a sophisticated education curriculum in English medium, but they put equal emphasis on Bengali.

Mastermind School Dhaka

The school run under strictly the British curriculum started from Dhanmondi the head branch. Mastermind School Dhaka claim to have over 3000 students and 300+ teaching stuff. Besides the main campus, another campus of this school is in Uttara. This school runs from playgroup to 12 standards and leading to the IGCSE and GCE A-Level examinations, held under the Edexcel & Cambridge examination board.

Oxford International School

Oxford International School is one of its kind. They started in early 1987 from Dhanmondi, their head branch to secure good English medium education in Bangladesh, now they have up to 5 campuses all over Dhaka. This school mainly follow University of Cambridge, UK up to GCE for O and A-Level examination.

Australian International School

Australian International School runs their educational syllabus exact same to the Western Australia. Besides that exam & result of students compared to similar students in Western Australia.  AUSIS have 3 branches in Gulshan. Their educational support is up to 1 to 12 grades.

Sunnydale School Dhaka

In 1985 Sunnydale was founded by Late Abdul Mannan Khan, Zeenat Afroza and Tazeen Ahmed. The start was rough, one room and few children yet they founder pursue their passion. Now over thousand students and hundreds of faculty members are there to cherish in the school campus. Sunnydale runs from preschool to A-Level courses. And this school also put the same emphasis on Bengali as English.

Maple Leaf International School

After getting independence in 1972 the next year Maple Leaf founded near Dhanmondi Thana. It was nearly 1972 when they start their journey as a pioneer of English medium school in Bangladesh. Courses like O and level are run under the British Curriculum (GCE) (now also IGCSE).

SFX Green herald International School

SFX Green herald International School is founded by Lady of Christian Missions in 1912. Unlike ST Joseph this school also run by Catholic Archdiocese of Dhaka. But the majority of students are Muslims here.  This school is in Mohammdpur Dhaka. They are highly known for their excellence whether its results or other activities.

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