Shakib Khan Movies and His Success Story

Bangladeshi movie star Shakib Khan, known as King Khan, is quite famous for his acting in different types of movies. Shakib Khan movies are always on the top list movie lovers.

He got more fan attention after one of his popular movie Shikari released in 2016. He is getting more and more popular over the last couple of years. If you are looking for all Shakib Khan movies or complete Shakib Khan movie list, you are welcome to read the post to the end.

Shakib Khan movie list is growing faster than any other actor in Bangladesh. Nowadays he is also acting in Kolkata Bangla films most frequently. And he is doing well there.

It’s one of the Shakib Khan Movies that make him reach to young fan hearts Shikari acted in Kolkata. After this movie, Shakib Khan doesn’t have to look back. A good offer is always coming after him.

But one Comment got him banned from Bangladeshi Film industry. We hope the ban will soon lift.

Shakib Khan is the highest paid actor in Bangladesh, I mean Dhallywood, film industry. He never stopped being an actor but director, producer, and actor (All rounder). It’s the reason he is known as King Khan for his well-versed quality.

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Top 10 Shakib Khan Movies

(1) Shikari

As grown under the influence of an abusive father Sultan (Shakib Khan) has attempted to kill his father and ran away from home and became an influential assassin.  He was hired by a West Bengal mafia Rahul Dev a prominent child trafficker to kill a judge Rudro Chowdhury (Sabyasachi Chatterjee) since he is handling the inquiry of his case.

After getting failed at the first time, Sultan enters the justice house as a gardener and wins the trust of everyone, while Chutki starts to develop feelings for him.

(2) Nabab

Shakib Khan undergoes hard training and lost more than 20 kilos for this movie to act on counter terrorism (fighting scenes). As an intelligence agent from Bangladesh, he asked for a secret operation in West Bengal, India.  The film is mainly action based.  The famous song “o DJ o DJ” is from this movie.

(3) Swatta

Shakib Khan is well praised for his great acting in this movie. One of the top actresses from India Paoli dam acted in this movie. Besides Two most hit song “Na Jani Kon Oporadhe” and “Tor Premete by James” is from this film.  The story revolves around a street goon and a girl who had to become call girl by force. The movie is one of the best from Shakib Khan Movies. And I believe everyone will love to watch the film.

(4) Rajneeti

Oyon, the small boy of a political family wished to change Bangladesh with hard work and dedication. Soon he starts exploring old Dhaka and falls in a quick fight with opposition leader nephew. The story revolves around political family’s rivalry and the tradition of old Dhaka. One most important thing in this movie to me, how political influence changes the children of a family.

(5) Samrat

Gangsters Samrat coming to Bangladesh, but it causes panic for Musa, a Bangladeshi don. Samrat can ruin and take over his business. So he appoints several men to kill Samrat but fail. Continues failure of Musa makes him realize that he needs someone stronger and smarter, so Kabila introduce him to Raza, who later became the right-hand man of Musa. The story plot revolves around the rivalry of Musa And Samrat and the mysterious Raza.

(6) Number one Shakib Khan

A young man who struggles to stand on his feet, but his ideology and honesty make it difficult to reach his goal. But he got someone by his side; Apu Biswas who the heroine loves him stand by his side and give him moral support.

(7) Chacchu Amar Chacchu

He got an award for the first time of his life Meril Prothom Alo Awards as the best actor for Chachu. The movie story revolves around an honest judge. The judge son was attempted to kill but fail and he survived but the mafia never stops. They keep coming to harm this family and what shall happen to them is uncertain.

(8) Rana Pagla: The Mental

A news reporter was brave enough to report the valuable mineral theft and sale case in the international marketplace, later start getting a problem. The reporter exposed the whole mafia team who are in association with theft. Now she is in danger and Shakib Khan loves her, so he comes to her rescue. The movie got lots of new mechanisms and those are loves to watch.

(9) Matir Thikana

Shakib Khan acted on this religious film and it was quite hit. One of the famous songs by James “Ghumonto Ek Shishu” was a part of this film. This film is directed by Shah Alam Kiron, produced by Golam Morshad also distributed by Shondahani Kothachitro. The lead roles of this film are Shakib Khan, Purnima, Alamgir and Diti.

(10) Bossgiri

A good boy but strong wants a decent life by honest earning but the city is crazy enough to let him lead a peaceful life.  He goes through some unfortunate moment which turns him into a powerful don.  And day by day his (Shakib Khan) grip is getting strong into the city.

First Film of  Shakib Khan

Anontho Bhalobasha was the first movie of his life. This movie released in 1999 and Shohanor Rahman Shohan directed it. He got popularity on his first film.He acted numerous films. His first film was “Ananta Valobasa” in his life. This movie released in 1999 and Shohanor Rahman Shohan directed it. He got popularity on his first film.

He acted numerous films. His first film was “Ananta Valobasa” in his life. This movie released in 1999 and Shohanor Rahman Shohan directed it. He got popularity on his first film.

He got Meril Prothom Alo Awards as the best actor for Chachu. It was the first award of

Shakib Khan has started out of a simple life. From a family of government service holder to a leading artist, the journey was quite exciting.

Shakib Khan was good at study, besides he used to learn dancing and completed the course under choreographer Aziz Reza. Things might sound dramatic, but one day he visited FDC with his dance teacher and got an offer to photo shoot. In the photo shoot, he caught the eye of film director Abul Khair Bulbul and the first offer of the movie came to him. Though it was his first movie, debut film is Ananta Bhalobasha (1999) directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan.

Complete List of Shakib Khan Movies by Year

Movie Name Release Year
Swatta 2017
Rajneeti 2017
Nabab 2017
Rangbaaz 2017
Operation Agneepath 2017
Shikari 2016
Raja 420 2016
Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini 2 2016
Mental: It Can Be Your Love Story 2016
Swatta 2016
Samraat: The King Is Here 2016
Rajniti 2016
Bossgiri 2016
This Is Love: Eito Prem 2015
Love Marriage 2015
Dui Prithibi 2015
Aro Bhalobashbo Tomay 2015
Rajababu – The Power 2015
Rajotto 2014
Lattu Koshai 2014
Bhalobasha Express 2014
Daring Lover 2014
Faand: The Trap 2014
Hero: The Superstar 2014
Hitman 2014
Kothin Protishodh 2014
Shera Nayok 2014
Jor Kore Bhalobasha Hoyna 2013
Devdas Chashi 2013
Judge Barrister Police Commissioner 2013
Nishpap Munna 2013
My Name is Khan 2013
Bhalobasha Aaj Kal 2013
Dhaka to Bombay 2013
Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini 2013
Full and Final 2013
Premik Number One 2013
Raja Handsome 2013
Dui Prithibi Shakib Khan 2013
I Love You 2012
Amar Challenge 2012
Ek Takar Denmohor 2012
Ek Mon Ek Pran 2012
Sontaner Moto Sontan 2012
My Name Is Sultan 2012
Khodar Pore Ma 2012
Dhakar King 2012
Se Amar Mon Kereche 2012
Durdhorsho Premik 2012
Don Number One 2012
Jiddi Mama 2012
Buk Fatey To Mukh Foteyna 2012
Moner Jala 2011
Ontore Acho Tumi 2011
Matir Thikana 2011
Koti Takar Prem 2011
Tor Karone Beche Achi 2011
Tiger Number One 2011
Ekbar Bolo Bhalobashi 2011
Jaan Kurbaan 2011
Moner Ghore Boshot Kore 2011
Boss Number One 2011
Priya Amar Jaan 2011
King Khan 2011
Adorer Jamai 2011
Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jayna 2010
Preme Porechi 2010
Number One Shakib Khan 2010
Nissash Amar Tumi 2010
Chachu Amar Chachu 2010
Bhaolobeshe Morte Pari 2010
Amar Buker Modyokhane 2010
Top Hero 2010
Bolo Na Tumi Amar 2010
Takar Cheye Prem Boro 2010
Paran Jai Jaliya Re 2010
Hay Prem Hay Valobasha 2010
Jonom Jonomer Prem 2010
Premik Purush 2010
Jibon Moroner Sathi 2010
Tumi Amar Moner Manush 2010
Vondo Chehara 2 2010
Prem Mane Na Badha 2010
Premik Number One 2010
Mone Boro Kosto 2009
Amar Praner Priya 2009
Bhalobashar Lal Golap 2009
Mon Jekhane Hridoy Sekane 2009
Swami Stirhir Wadah 2009
Jaan Amar Jaan 2009
Sobar Upore Tumi 2009
O Sathii Re 2009
Mia Barir Chakor 2009
Bolbo Kotha Bashor Ghore 2009
Jonmo Tomar Jonno 2009
Prem Koyedi 2009
Bolona Kabul 2009
Biye Bari 2009
Shaheb Name Golam 2009
Mayer Haate Beheshter Chabi 2009
Bhalobasha Dibi Kina Bol 2009
Tomake Bou Banabo 2008
Amader Choto Saheb 2008
Priya Amar Priya 2008
Somadhi 2008
Amar Jaan Amar Pran 2008
Sontan Amar Ahongkar 2008
Rajdhani Raja 2008
Tumi Swapno Tumi Shadhona 2008
Ek Takar Bou 2008
Bhalobashar Dushmon 2008
Jodi Bou Sajogo 2008
Tip Tip Bristy 2008
Tumi Amar Prem 2008
Biyer Prostab 2008
Mone Prane Acho Tumi 2008
Tui Jodi Aamar Hoiti Re 2007
Jomoj 2007
Amar Praner Shami 2007
Ma Amar Sorgo 2007
Kothin Prem 2007
Kabin Nama 2007
Tomar Jonno Morte Pari 2007
Doctor Bari 2007
Danob Shontan 2007
Ek Buk Jala 2007
Kopal 2007
Swamir Songshar 2007
Kotha Dao Sathi Hobe 2007
Koti Takar Kabin 2006
Chacchu 2006
Roser Baidani 2006
Dadi Ma 2006
Shuva 2006
Pitar Ason 2006
Mayer Morjada 2006
Amar Shopno Tumi 2005
Dhakaiya Pola Borishaler Maiya 2005
City Terror 2005
Badha 2005
Bhalobashar Dushmon 2005
Prem Sangeet 2004
Hridoy Shudu Tomar Jonno 2004
Noyon Bhora Jol 2004
Nosto 2004
Bostir Rani Suriya 2004
Rukhe Darao 2004
Ora Dalal 2004
Shakibkhan movie rajotto 2004
Swapner Bashor 2003
Swapner Bashor 2003
Sahoshi Manush Chai 2003
Praner Manush 2003
Khomotar Dapot 2003
Sobar Upore Prem 2003
Full Nebona Osru Nebo 2002
Nasnewali 2002
Bissho Batpar 2002
Ajker Kader 2002
Strir Morjada 2002
O Priya Tumi Kothay 2002
Hingshar Poton 2001
Mayer Jehaad 2001
Shikari 2001
Ranga Mastan 2001
Mejaj Gorom 2001
Bondhu Jokhon Sotru 2001
Sobaito Sukhi Hote Chay 2000
Gulam 2000
Ajker Dapot 2000
Bishe Vora Nagin 2000
Dujon Dujonar 2000
Janer Jaan 2000
Anontho Bhalobasha 1999

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