Mahiya Mahi: The Glamour Queen of Dhallywood

Have you watched “Dhaka Attack”? If yes, then you have obviously watched the glamorous journalist. She is the glamour queen of Dhallywood now, Mahiya Mahi. Though the original name of Mahiya Mahi is Sharmin Akter Nipa, she is popular with the name Mahiya Mahi.

Within a short time, she has got much popularity. In 2012, Mahiya Mahi came into the showbiz arena with her debut film Bhalobasar Rong.

Mahiya Mahi birthday was on October 27, 1993, and her age is only 24 years. However, Mahiya Mahi hometown is Rajshahi, Bangladesh. She is fashionable, glamorous, craze and heartthrob for the young generations.

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Mahiya Mahi Early Life

Though Mahiya Mahi was unknown before her debut film Bhalobasar Rong, she was a multi-talented student. It is thought that she had a regular presence in the local theatre in Dhaka. She also worked with “Jatrapala” in different village fair before her debut in 2012.

However, Mahiya Mahi completed her SSC from Uttara High School in Dhaka with GPA 5. She also got Golden GPA 5 in HSC from Dhaka City College.

Then she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing from the Shanta-Mariam University of Creative Technology.

Though Mahiya Mahi was not familiar in showbiz from the very early age, she got much importance at the right time. She drew the attention of Abdul Aziz, the owner of Jaaz Multimedia, before she was 18 through modeling. She signed an agreement with Jaaz Multimedia for starring in the film. From then, Dhallywood got the ultimate glamour girl till now.

Mahiya Mahi’s Career

At first, Mahiya Mahi eagerly interested in becoming a doctor to serve the nation. But like other girls, she was fascinated in modeling. That’s why she had a photo shoot to send photos for the different production house. In this respect, one of her friend helps her much to reach separate production house. Surprisingly, the new production house of that time, Jaaz Multimedia also emerged in the film industry. They also wanted a new look for their movie. Hence, they choose Mahiya Mahi for their first Bangladeshi digital film “Bhalobasar Rong.” In the film, Mahiya Mahi had an outstanding performance. The movie was also successfully hit at the box office. Since then, she had a significant presence in her every film. Following Bhalobasar Rong, Mahiya Mahi also performed in ‘Onnorokom Bhalobasa,’ ‘Poramon,’ ‘Bhalobasa Aj Kal’ and ‘Tobu o Bhalobasi.’

In the meantime, Mahiya Mahi married Mahmud Parvez Opu, a businessperson from Sylhet. For this reason, Jaaz Multimedia angrily fired her from the job and contract. However, after marriage, Mahiya Mahi performed independently and charged highest for each film in the history of Dhallywood among the actress. No other actress except Shabana charged such amount for each film. Mahiya Mahi Charged TK 10 lakh for each film she is performing now.

Mahiya Mahi Movie List

Most of the movies Mahiya Mahi acted are commercially successful. Her choice of script is eventually different from others. From the very beginning of her career, each character of her is significant.

Even, some of them are women leading film where she performed the leading role.

In 2012, her first film Bhalobasar Rong got released in December. The movie was hit, and Mahiya Mahi also drew the attention of the viewers.

In the next year, in 2013, ‘Poramon,’ ‘Bhalobasa Aaj Kal,’ ‘Onnorokom Bhalobasa’ and ‘Tobuo Bhalobasi’ got released. Among them, Poramon was a super hit movie so as her terrific performance.

In 2014, Mahiya Mahi was also lucky in her different films. In this year, ‘Ki Darun Dekhte,’ ‘Agnee,’ ‘Honeymoon,’ ‘Dobir Shaheber Songsar,’ ‘Onek Sadher Moyna,’ and ‘Desha: The Leader” were in the cinema hall.

In 2015, she performed in the co-production movie ‘Romeo Vs. Juliet’ in the opposite of Ankush Hazra. In the same year, ‘Big Brother’ ‘Warning’ and ‘Agnee 2’ also got released.

In 2016, Mahiya Mahi starred in ‘Krishnopoksho,’ a movie based on the story of famous writer Humayun Ahmed.

2017 is the most successful year for Mahiya Mahi. In this year, the most discussed and successful film ‘Dhaka Attack got released in October. The movie ‘Dhaka Attack’ has broken all the previous records of Dhallywood. ‘Firiye Dao Amar Prem,’ ‘Court marriage’ were also available in the cinema hall.

Mahiya Mahi upcoming movies are ‘Nokkhotrer Raat’ by Meher Afroz Shawon, and ‘Haarjit.’ The shooting of the new movies will be started soon.

Mahiya Mahi’s Awards

Mahiya Mahi own many awards for her terrific performance in the film. In 2013, she was nominated for Meril Prothom Alo Award for the movie Onnorokom Bhalobasa. Also, she bagged the crown of Bachsas Prize for Bhalobasa Aaj Kal in the same year.

In the following year, in 2014, Mahiya Mahi own prestigious Meril Prothom Alo Award for her outstanding performance in ‘Agnee.’

Mahiya Mahi Personal Life and Controversy

On May 12, 2016, Mahiya Mahi tied the knot with a businessman from Sylhet, Mahmud Parvez Opu. Mahiya Mahi Wedding ceremony was held in her Uttara Residence. Later, she arranged a press conference and shared her enjoyment of wedding to the journalists.

But after having the news, her ex-boyfriend, Shahriar Islam Shaon uploaded some close photos on Facebook. He also uploaded the marriage certificate of him and Mahi on the Facebook. But Mahiya Mahi denied any accusation of her relation with Shaon and filed a case in ICT Act in Uttara Thana. The Police arrested Shaon but while in the investigation, they knew the truth. Mahiya Mahi and Shaon then settled the dispute and Shaon got released from the case.

Mahiya Mahi Social Media Presence

Like other celebrities, Mahiya Mahi is also interested in being close to her fans and friends. For this, she has her own Facebook address. Mahiya Mahi Facebook address is She also uses Instagram for her fans. Mahiya Mahi Instagram address is However, she has no Twitter account.

Mahiya Mahi has the glamour so as the terrific acting ability.  Most of her cinemas are commercially successful. She is now the busiest and most successful actress of Dhallywood. Though she has a controversy in her personal life, she is outstanding in her works.

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