Top 10 List of Group of Companies in Bangladesh

Before I provide you a list of group of companies in Bangladesh and their info, let me walk you through the basic understanding of Bangladeshi economy.

Group of a company is known for maintaining a number of small companies under its authority or controlling the companies. It’s like a company that owns a bunch of small companies, controlled, moderated, supervised and run by the main company.

Bangladeshi economy is getting world recognition for various reason, one of them is the success of the group of companies in Bangladesh. Many groups of countries are exporting their goods to over 100+ countries.  Our country is now labeled by developing country all over the world. There are companies helping the growth of Bangladeshi economy, let me discuss few of them under the list of group of companies in Bangladesh.

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With 80 thousand direct employees and 200 thousand indirect employees, Pran is one of the biggest group of companies in Bangladesh. First, they are recognized by a food brand but with time their growth is remarkable. In 2016, this company earned 10 billion BDT in revenue only exporting goods. And they export products in total 118 countries.

RFL which is a part of the group started producing PVC category in 1996 and the plastic sector in 2015. RFL is widely popular in Bangladesh. Along with other product, it’s believed their products in plastic stationary are the best.


ACI Group

ACI (Advance Chemical Industry) formerly known as Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI). ICI was established in East Pakistan but incorporated with in Bangladesh in 1973. ACI is famous for their pharmaceutical products, but their grocery products like soap, salt, rice and other products also ranked high in Bangladeshi market. Swapno, Bangladesh’s largest retail chain shops highly popular in Bangladesh owned by ACI.


Navana Group

After the death of its chairman Jahurul Islam, Navana group is under the leadership of Shafiul Islam Kamal. Navona is constructed with 15 types of different companies. One of the giants in Bangladesh. They currently have estimated 5500 employees now.


Abul Khair Group

In the start, Abul Khair started their journey in early 1953, with tobacco. But they have expanded them self to a big business industry. Their sector of business is Fast moving consumer goods, steel, cement, ceramics, marble, Shipping and traveling business. Their head office operates from the commercial capital of Bangladesh, Chittagong.


Bashundhara Group

Ahmed Akter Sobhan established Basundhara group in 1987 and he is still the chairman of the companies. This group started as a real estate firm and their first project got huge success. After that they never looked back, grows continuously. They are now the happy owner of cement, tissue, Media, LPG, paper, Real estate, Shopping mall and steel. They have over 15000 employees now.


Beximco Group

The meaning of Beximco Company is Bangladesh Export and Import Company. Beximco exports products up to 103 countries.  Beximco has gained huge popularity in pharmaceuticals but they have different business industries. This company is believed to have largest market capitalization in the stock exchange. With 55 thousand they are one of the leading group of companies in Bangladesh.


Square Group

Samsung H Chowdhury and his 3 friends established this group initially as a private firm. But soon they started their voyage in a different business. And now they are one of the pioneer companies in pharmaceuticals business. People in Bangladesh has high trust for this company’s medicine. Square has launched many products in Bangladeshi marketplaces and exports their products to various companies.


City Group

City Oil Mills started their journey on 6 February in1972 as a mustard oil company. The first project of this company sees huge success and they start investing in the different business. Especially their main fields of invest fields, including manufacturing, industry, and trading. After 1990 these included consumer goods, foods, steel, printing & packaging, shipping, power and energy, shares and securities, insurance, media, and healthcare It presently owns more than 23 major business located throughout Bangladesh. City group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Bangladesh. They own almost 31 business till now.


Partex group

Partex Group is the largest family-run conglomerate in Bangladesh, consisting of over 55 industries. MA Hashem started this industry in 1959 with tobacco trading. Now it owns over 55 subsidiaries from tobacco to consumer goods, furniture, textile and the IT sector.

It has split into two groups to improve management of its subsidiaries – Partex Holdings and Partex Star Group


Ananda Group

Abdullahel Bari Farina founded this company in 1983 as Ananda builders. Their main business areas include ship building, heavy engineering, textiles, real estate and shipping. The group’s famous concern is Shipyard and Shipways Ltd. It is the largest of the private ship yards in Bangladesh.

We have tried our best to sum up the list of top 10 group of companies from the list of group of companies in Bangladesh. Let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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