JSC Result 2017 : Latest Update

The results of the primary and Ebtedayee education final exam and Junior School Certificate (JSC result 2017) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC result 2017) exams will be published on Saturday. Already the copy of the result has been handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, Primary and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman handed over a copy of the results to the Prime Minister at 10:30 in the morning. The primary and mass education minister at one of the secretariats and the Education Minister at two in the afternoon will present the details of the results at a press conference.

How to Know Primary and Ebtedayee Result 2017

To know the results of primary and Ebtedayee: From any mobile operator, write DPE and write the code number of the thana / upazila and by entering the roll number with space, by entering the space 2017, send SMS to 16222, the primary results will be known.

By entering EBT from any mobile operator, write the code number of the thana / upazila by entering the roll number with space and sending the SMS to the number 16222 by 2017 and you can find the results of Ebtedayee.

In addition, the results of the primary and Ebtedayee closing results will be known from the primary education department’s website (www.dpe.gov.bd).

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How to Know JSC Result 2017 and JDC Result 2017

To know the results of JSC and JDC: By entering JSC / JDC from any mobile, write the first three letters of the board name and write the space by typing the space roll number and send SMS to 16222 by 2017.

Apart from this, the results of JSC-GDC will also be known from the website of the Education Boards (http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd) and the concerned Education Board’s website.

JSC and JDC exams were started on November 1. Ends on 18 November. The total number of candidates in the two examinations was about 24 lakh 69 thousand. On the other hand, the examinations of primary and Ebtedayee education were held from November 19 to 26. About 31 lakh examinees took part in this.

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JSC Result 2017: More than 2.5 million GPA-5

This year, primary education final examination (JSC result 2017) pass rate is 95.18 percent. And 2 lakh 62 thousand 609 students got GPA-5. The pass rate of the Ebtedayee Education final examination (JDC result) 2017) is 92.94 percent.

JSC and JDC Result 2017 Are All Bad in the Index

Junior School Certificate (JSC 2017) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC 2017) exams’ results are worse than last year. The average pass rate decreased to 9.441 percent compared to JSC 2016 result and JDC 2016 result.

The average pass percentage in the JSC and JDC examination is 83.65 percent this year, which was 93.96 percent last year (JSC 2016 result and JDC 2016 result).

This year, the total GPA-5 of these two examinations is 1 lakh 91 thousand and 628 which was 2,47,488 in 2016.

The number of institutions passing 100 percent has decreased, too. This year, 5 thousand 277 institutions have 100% passing rate, which was 9,450 last year.

On the other hand, the number of institutions with zero passed record has increased thanks to govt. negligence to quality education. The number of this type of organization is 59, which was 28 last time.

Today Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid presented the information at a press conference at the Secretariat.

When he was asked, “why the result is bad?” Education Minister said, “We have not concealed anything. We have published the results that have been produced. Time is required for overall assessment.”

The average pass percentage for the JSC examinations under eight general education boards is 83.10 percent, which was 92.98 percent last year. The GPA-5 in JSC result 2017 is only 1,84,439, in JSC result 2016, there were 2 lakh 35 thousand 59 GPA-5.

On the other hand, the pass rate of JDC 2017 is 86.14 percent. In JDC 2016, the rate was 94.02 percent. This time, 7,131 students have got GPA-5, that was 12,500 last year.

I think now you know how to get your JSC result 2017 or JDC result 2017. We have also added latest JSC result 2017 or JDC result 2017 updates so that you don’t have to spend hours looking elsewhere.

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