Top 15 Best Android Games of All Time

Do you want to know the best android games of all time?
Or do you want the best free android games?
Here we are!

Though playing game on Android or mobile phone is an addiction, it also kills your valuable time. But it is also a great source of passing your free time or way of getting rid of the mental pressure.

The pace of the android games is running so fast that, every year, we see new hits and records for the game. At first, Apple iOS has the better service for gaming, but now Android is not lagging behind.

Although all interesting and enjoyable games are not free of cost, you can find the best android games free from the list of best Android games of all time.

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Best Android Games of All Time

There are thousands of Android games in the google play store. Almost 100 new apps are being added to the play store per hour. Also, new apps are being hit every year. So, to choose the best android games of all time is a very difficult job.

However, we have made a list according on the impact, popularity, download and the longevity of the games. Here are the best android games for you.

Pokémon Go

you can’t even make a list of the best android games without the most popular Pokémon Go. Truly, the game has so impact on the users that the users even sell the property for the game.  Probably, it the only game in the history which has no impact on the people’s life. Though the game is free of cost, you have to spend some money to catch the Pokémon balls from the Pokémon spot.

The game is an augmented reality game, and it has gained immense popularity since the day it has got released. Though the most popular game has some doubts and controversies, you can forget the reality once you addict on the game.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the best android games the users have experienced ever. It is supposed that it  is the best android games of all time that have made a special online community for its own. Though the game is free of cost for the basic level, you can spend to build your team and reigns.

The user is the chief of each village with a persistent theme. You have to build a stronger team to win in the fight against the other users. You can also join the community or groups to attack the battle jointly.

Plants vs. Zombies

The best game for you if you like to have the real experience of a medieval war. The game will give you the experience of fight in a war like a tower- defense. Plants vs. Zombies is a game with various versions. Each version has a new world with new enemies. You have to build an army of plants to attack or protect the zombies.

You can go the next level if you destroy the zombies fully because they will do their best to stop you. The graphic and the creativity make Plants Vs Zombies so popular and also one of the best Android games in the history. Enjoy the free game.

Diggy’s Adventure

you must fall in love to the Diggy’s Adventure if you like to match the puzzle. Thousands of puzzles make the game popular among the Android users. To achieve the next level, you have to follow the instructions and earn points. You can go to the next level only you earn the required points.

Diggy’s Adventure is a game full of riddles and puzzles. The solid script, slow pace and the huge variety make it one of the best Android games of all time. you must come back if you play the game once. By the way, the Android game is free of cost, and you no longer pay later.

Asphalt 7 Heat

Asphalt 7 heat is mainly a PC game for racing lovers. But the developer of the game has released the android version of the game recently. Probably, you have heard this insane game if you are a game lover. Asphalt 7 Heat is one of the best version of the popular asphalt series. It is also got the highest rating among all other racing games.

There are about 80 cars in the series for 7 tiers. You can choose one car in each tier. 15 racing tracks are available for the competition including New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Havana, Tokyo, London, Alps, Rio De Janeiro, Moscow, Paris, etc. The game is no longer free of cost but requires a heavier device with minimum 2GB RAM and 1GHz CPU.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is not just a game but also a creativity and educational entertainment. The game has immense appeal  to you and the kids with the pocket edition. You can now play the game on the PC and the laptops.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an android version game with various versions. Though the game is not free, almost $6.99 is not a big deal for the entertainment for your kids and you. You can also build the construction through your creativity and own the next level.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is one of the best Android games of all time to the game freaks. It has also the different versions for PC, tablet, laptop or Phones. Though the game is the early edition of the Android, it remains its position by its new invention and design of creativity.

Though the entry level is free, you have to spend pennies to buy more arms and vehicles. But you can avoid spending money by collecting coins through which you can buy all your necessary things. The game has always new challenges and achievements that make it one of the best Android games to the users because people always love the challenges.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a console game for the game freaks. The game is so easy to play that everyone wants to play it. Though the game is not free of cost, you can play some entry levels for free. The game is also considered as the best action-adventure game with lots of rave critics.

Grand Theft Auto is a game full of fun that you can enjoy. You can even run the cars, add members to your gang, shoot guns to the enemies or fly planes. Though the games the story of Carl Johnson, you can customize it to your name by paying money.

Candy Crush Saga

One of my favorite game so far is the candy crush saga. The con of the game is that it can make you forget the time and the works. Even you can’t avoid the appeal of the game if you are busy or having a meal. Candy crush saga is a free game with lots of challenges and levels. Each level has a new challenge to gain the points. Once you complete the present level, you’ll be worthy of to go to the next level.

The game was introduced in 2012. From then, almost 100 million players and subscribers have made the game one of the best Android games of all time. Till the date, the developer of the game has earned almost $500 million.

Temple Run: Oz

Temple run has gained immense popularity among the players and the users of Android. The theme of the game has been developed based on the box office hit movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’ You have to play the game as Oz. In the game, Oz wants to outrun the baboons who are chasing him.

Though the game, Temple Run, has the free version you can spend a little amount of money to enjoy more. In the paid version, you can make your own world or increase the lives of Oz. Also, you can earn more coins by playing the games and use the coins’ alternative to the real money. Hope, you will enjoy running.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The most amazing game for the racing lover is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Probably, it is the most popular and best android games of all time in the racing arena. You can compete with your friends to win the title. The design and the surface of the battle field are no less than the configuration of the PC.

Moreover, you can have more control over the car on the touchpad screen of the Android. Although, many users have a misconception that “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” requires more space and RAM to play on the Android. But in the latest version, the game requires less space to play in the Android. By the way, the game is not free of cost. You have to spend $4.99 to enjoy the speed virtually.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is the perfect game for touch screen android phone. You just need to swipe your fingers on the screen and also avoid the bombs. You can’t pay attention to any other else while you will be playing fruit ninja. The game is freemium as the basic levels are free, but you have to pay for more arms and levels.

The game will give you the ninja experience while cutting the fruits. It looks to fill in the pots or jars by fruits. You can also use blades, combos or other tools to cut the fruits. Though the game is especially for the kids, the elders also can addict to the time-consuming game.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of the best Android games of all time for its outstanding design and creativity. The game has got endless popularity after the episode of television series House of Cards, season 3. In that episode, Frank Underwood, the president, confessed that he was addicted to the game.

The game is not a free of cost, but you can find it on the Google Play Store for money. Spend $3.99 to get the unmeasurable mystery of the game. The design and the paths of the game are so beautiful that it can make you amazed. But, remember that you have no chance to make any mistake while you are playing the game.

The ultimate goal of the game is to rescue princess Ida from the mountain. But the paths to the mountain are so mysterious that it seems impossible to build such architecture. This mystery has made it one of the best Android games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty simply called it like COD, is one of the best Android games. The game can give you the vast entertainment and joy if you like to fight in the battle. You can also add members to your team up to 4 members who will be also the brain eaters!

Total 50 levels give the game a satisfactory goal for the gamers as anybody wants nothing endless. All levels are in an insane map that is full of zombies. You have to fight against the zombies to win the game. By the way, the 50 levels game is not free of cost. It costs money if you want to upgrade the pro service.

Angry Birds

The latest version of one of the best android games, angry birds, is the angry birds’ evolution. The game is built by the Finnish video game company Rovio Entertainment. It was first released for iOS in December 2009. But, all versions of the game are available now.

In the game, the birds try to save the eggs from the pigs. The three billion downloads have made it the best android game of all time. For the countless popularity, it has now four versions available. The versions are: angry birds’ evolution, angry birds blast, angry birds 2 and angry birds’ friends. The game is freemium as you can play it free for the certain levels but to upgrade, you have to pay money. There is also a movie available based on the game.

Summing Up

Finally, it is difficult to choose the best android games of all time. Because there are hundreds of games in the Google Play Store with new records and hits. But, we have made a list according to the popularity and the longevity of the game. here, some games are free, and some are freemium or paid. However, either paid or free, all Android games on the list are popular and enjoyable.

We can miss your favorite one on the list. So, don’t forget to comment below to let us know which one is the best android game as your choice.

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